Internet Marketing 101

I am a part time internet marketer and a full time software professional . I started in internet marketing last year out of curiosity.

When I started I knew nothing about internet marketing. All I knew was how to build websites, though my full time job as a s/w pgmr does not have anything to do with web programming. Internet just clicked with me when I first signed up for a free hotmail account a decade ago.

The question I asked myself before I started on this path was, is there a way to monetize my internet skills and here I am today. I have already launched around ten or more web sites. I have had some successes and some failures. But a very good learning experience and still learnng.

When you have no marketing experience, you can not be successful overnight. But if you stay the course and are willing to learn from your mistakes, you will see some levels of success.

Being a programmer, my first approach to build a web site was to automate everything and build huge. So it took me 6 months to build my fisrt web site. Now I know that was a waste of time. The site was big, difficult to keep updated, takes a lot of time.

So what did I learn from it. Three things mostly. Build small, build small and build small. Its easier to maintain, takes less time to develop and if the website doesn’t succeed you can drop it easily. And move on to a new project.

The hard lesson learned – “To be a successful internet marketer, you will have to forget that you are a programmer”.  

That’s all for today. I will keep posting my experiences here time to time. 


Free Magazines

There are hundreds of useful magazines being published in the US  which are circulated for free, yes – you read it right the first time. And the free magazines span a wide variety of industries, from agriculture to business to computers just to name a few.

So why are these magazines free?

Because they are ad supported where the advertisers pick up the tab so to speak and the readers get them for free. The sign up process for these magazines take some time and a prospective subscriber needs to give a bit more demographic information like their skills, education, salary range, industry, job role, purchasing power etc. This is the cost the reader pays to get a free subscription.

The demographic data provided by the readers is the dough that attarcts advertisers to such free magazines with their ad dollars.

Browse through a listing of free magazines here and see if there is any magazine you may like to subscribe…. remember they are FREE. 

Happy reading.  

Internet the life saver

We are moving to Dallas from Phoenix tomorrow. And all my stuff is gone. I am now sitting in my empty apartment, on the floor with my laptop on my lap.

When the movers came this morning, I was thinking what is that one single thing I must keep with me while they take all my stuff. And prompt came the answer – my laptop and the modem. 

Its feels a bit scary now. My things are gone, including the cars. I cannot go anywhere, no TV to watch. I feel totally cut off from the world. But guess what I have Internet and I think I will be ok, till I get my earthly possessions back.

Given my current state of mind, and I may be biased, I think the most incredible thing invented after sliced bread must be the internet. Where would I be today without it, sleeping on the floor may be. Thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet :-).

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. If you could stumble upon this page, you must be internet savvy or just plain bored. I am Amit, a software guy from India (where else?) based in the US. 

I am fascinated by the internet… have been since my childhood…just kidding.. there was no internet when I was a child.. I am not that young. But I did play a crucial role in the spread of its popularity.

If Al Gore invented the internet, I made it popular…

I created my first home page when many didn't know the meaning of HTML. Now that home page of mine is lost in oblivion. Tripod gobbled it up, because I didn't maintain it often. But I survived that humiliation. I have created a few websites since then. And tripod can not shut them off, because I own the websites now. They aren't free websites (except for this blog) and I decide how long they live.

One of my pet project is Started this website last year. Its a shopping site. This was my try at a commercial web site. And I have learnt a lot since the launch of this site.. so much that I can write a book on Internet Marketing now. I will post some ideas about internet marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or as I call it – taming Google), Viral Marketing in this blog from time to time. If you are intersted stay tuned and book mark this site.